Professional Beauty Solutions

About Us


STUDIO BEAUTY 93 is established in 2019 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. STUDIO BEAUTY 93 is an all-natural, skincare brand whose mission is to disrupt the global beauty industry. Our intention is to increase accessibility, transparency, and sustainability in all aspects of what we create. From the fair sourcing of our rose oil to the creation of our foot products, down to the responsible representation of people working with us at every end.

STUDIO BEAUTY 93 has designed a three-pronged approach that not only addresses the economic and environmental sustainability of rose oil production via direct trade but also brings an artistic element to the transparency of the production process and ingredients used.

We use our platforms to create spaces for educating and sharing stories about women globally. We curate learning experiences for people to explore wellness, mental health, and identity through these storylines and by presenting factual information about the women behind the production of rose oil.

Our Team


At STUDIO BEAUTY 93, we try and rethink the way beauty products are approached from the point of conception, till the stage of manufacturing. Our team believed that beauty formulations should be created by individuals that have a pulse on what their users feel, like, prioritise, and care about. We don’t sacrifice quality ingredients for trendiness and relevance or vice versa and don’t think one should have to choose between being on-trend or being ethical while making a beauty purchase.

At STUDIO BEAUTY 93, our team promises to keep questioning the idea of beauty as we know it today. We promise to listen to our clients and bring to you products that you’ve always wished existed. We promise to make your relationship with beauty products a little less daunting for the sceptics, a little more convenient for the unbothered/busy, a little more inclusive for those that feel marginalised or ignored, and a lot more fun for everybody.

Mission, Vision, Values


Never settle for anything that is less than perfection in life. We believe that all women are beautiful but you must shine every day so it doesn't deserve just everyday makeup. At STUDIO BEAUTY 93 we have helped hundreds of women look and feel their best. Our top beauticians and stylists in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria help create natural formulas that compliment you so that you can look polished and perfect both in person and in your special day portraits.

We at STUDIO BEAUTY 93 conceptualise and create beauty products for everyone. We bring to you something real, authentic and unfiltered.

Our images are unedited. We don’t believe in propagating unrealistic beauty standards. We ditched lighting and photoshop tricks so you can see things just as they are.

Our range of products is adaptable to every shade of skin. Formulated and conceptualized to work in every climate for a fantastic beauty pay-off.